We implement effective noise control processes and technology

Port Waratah takes a long-term strategic view to ensure we improve our noise emissions over time. We identify and focus on opportunities and areas of site that offer the best noise reduction outcomes for our neighbouring communities and develop an effective plan that delivers sustainable long-term noise improvement outcomes.

Central to managing noise are our employees and contractors, therefore ongoing awareness training and education remain an important focus to ensure addressing noise-related issues remain at the forefront of our terminals ensuring they are operated and maintained effectively.

Ongoing regulatory compliance is demonstrated through our routine noise monitoring programme, which regularly assesses our performance against our noise criteria and long-term goals. Throughout 2021, we maintained full regulatory compliance with noise-related conditions specified in our development consents.

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Case Study

Carrington Terminal Additional Noise Reduction Strategies

In late 2020 and throughout 2021, increased demand for the Carrington Terminal’s services placed pressure on the site’s noise performance, where regular noise modelling identified noise levels above internal noise goals at our closest residential monitoring location.

A review of operational and meteorological factors identified the noise generated by our stockyard conveyors to be the largest contributor to the noise levels at the affected location, however it also identified the ongoing success of the Carrington conveyor low noise drive upgrade strategy.

In response to these findings and in addition to the drive upgrade strategy, the Carrington Terminal commenced a low noise conveyor roller trial in August 2021 of which results should be known in 2022. In addition, all yard conveyor systems have had a baseline monitoring assessment completed as a part of a hotspot monitoring program, which has identified the conveyor segments with the greatest noise reduction potential. This will allow our Maintenance Team to target these segments for roller replacements.