Sustainability is embedded in our day-to-day operations

This year marks the fifth year of our Licence To Operate (LTO) Framework, which defines our overarching approach to managing our potential social, economic and environmental impacts. The Framework has been the driver of openness and transparency with our stakeholders, particularly with our local community. It also provides a platform for ongoing collaboration with our people, empowering them to understand and mitigate social and environmental risks in their day-to-day activities.

Key Achievements

  • Reduced potable water consumption by 40% and improved water re-use and recycling to 88% of total water consumed onsite.
  • Extended our Local Voices Community Survey for a further two years, with 2039 surveys completed to date.

LTO Projects


We aim to perform our activities in a manner which prevents pollution, promotes sustainability and minimises impacts on the environment and the local community. Our commitment to continuously improving our environmental performance over the long term sees us focus on four key areas – air quality, noise, water, waste and environmental footprint.

Relationships & Reputation

We strive be an active member of Newcastle and the Hunter Region. We build genuine, reliable relationships with our local community and together create shared positive outcomes.

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Social Impacts & Contributions

We contribute to a smart, sustainable and vibrant Newcastle. We support our local economy and community to help make our city more liveable.

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