Our annual performance and progress at a glance

Our comprehensive performance reporting was first launched in 2017 and has been refreshed in 2021. Each business driver describes an objective, our management approach for key topics and our goals of where we strive to be. Success in achieving the objective and goals is determined through meeting qualified targets and we know when each target has been met through measuring relevant indicators.

Through the refresh, we have evolved our sustainability performance reporting to focus on a core set of 18 performance targets that are important to our business and our stakeholders. This sustainability performance snapshot is complemented by more detailed performance information throughout the report.

Health & Safety

Zero work-related fatalities
Achieved in 2021

Zero significant health exposures
Achieved in 2021

All injury frequency rate (AIFR) of four or less (per 1,000,000 hours)
Unfortunately, five injuries occurred in the last six months of the year, finishing the year with an AIFR of 5.11

Licence To Operate

Four or less reportable environmental incidents
Achieved zero reportable incidents in 2021 for the first time, a significant result for the business.

Sustain dust mitigation practices and implement dust management improvement projects
Sustained our focus on day-to-day best practice dust management and implementedall planned projects in 2021.

Sustain noise management practices and implement noise improvement projects to progressively reduce noise emissions over time
Sustained our focus on noise management practices and implemented all planned projects in 2021.

Reduce sediment load in excess water released to the Hunter River compared to 2016/17 baseline year
Exceeded the target weighted average of total suspended sediment concentration compared to the 2016/2017 baseline in a wetter than average year.

Reduce potable water consumption compared to the previous three-year average.
Achieved a 34% reduction in potable water consumption across the business in 2021, as compared to the previous three-year average.

Reduce electricity consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity per tonne of coal handled compared to previous three-year average
Achieved the lowest ever annual electricity efficiency with a 0.6% improvement compared to the three-year average and a 0.1% year-on-year reduction in Scope 2 GHG emissions.

Sustain landfill waste diversion to recycling rate at 90%
New record, we achieved the highest annual landfill diversion rate of 93.3% in 2021.

Sustain Community perceptions of trust and acceptance as measured by the Community Attitude Survey
Throughout 2021 the positive levels of trust and acceptance were maintained.

Sustain Port Waratah’s contribution to the regional economy each year at 75% of expenditure
More than 78% of total expenditure was spent in the Hunter and Central Coast

Sustain Port Waratah’s investment in the local community
$750,000 invested in local and regional projects through the Community Investment and Partnership Programme.

Effective Organisation

Sustain commitment to supporting early careers within the Newcastle community, developing the next generation of Port Waratah employees and leaders
A total of eight university scholarship students, four trainees and 16 apprentices were supported in early career pathways. In addition, two new graduate positions were introduced.

Increase percentage of female employees each year
We increased female participation in our workforce by 0.5% compared to 2020. Overall, there has been a 3% improvement since 2016.

Operational Delivery

Meet forecast levels of total coal loaded
In 2021, we achieved 99% of the annual forecast of total coal loaded with 111.3 Mt loaded, second highest year on record.

Target of 92% compliance to the outbound shiploading plan
This was almost achieved with 87.6% compliance in 2021.

Coal Chain

Deliver a vessel turnaround time within three days
We strive to deliver the most time-efficient service to our customers, however throughout the year a number of weather and logistical factors affected the vessel turnaround time, final result 7.5 days.