We implement opportunities to reduce our demand on nature

We describe our environmental footprint as our demand on the capacity of natural resources and the environment in which we operate. We reduce this demand through identifying and implementing opportunities to use electricity and potable water more efficiently, generating less waste and diverting more from landfill, as well as enhancing onsite biodiversity and improving land use practices.

Our terminals are located in precincts of significant industrial history and adjacent to areas of significant ecological importance, such as the Ramsar-listed Hunter Wetlands National Park, which supports 112 species of waterbirds and 45 species of migratory birds as well as other wildlife.

In 2021, we achieved our best annual performance for electricity efficiency with a 0.06 per cent reduction on the previous best result in 2019.

With favourable weather, and harvesting capabilities improved at the Carrington Terminal, we were able to achieve a 34 per cent reduction in potable water consumption, a 371ML reduction for the year.

Our water harvesting capabilities have been significantly bolstered at our Carrington Terminal through a project that allows us to re-use water processed through our site filtration plant. We achieved 88.2 per cent of our water use from captured and stored supply throughout the year.

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Case Study

Potable water savings

Water re-use initiatives implemented at the Carrington Terminal have enabled us to operate our water management system more flexibly during dry weather, as well as utilising recently installed stormwater tanks to hold water for re-use.

We utilise rainfall forecasting to ensure the tanks are emptied prior to approaching storm events. These initiatives have been overwhelmingly successful for the Carrington Terminal to reduce potable water consumption in 2021, and into the future, with key achievements including:

  • A 50 per cent reduction in the potable consumption compared to the previous three-year average
  • 162.6ML of potable water saved through harvesting water for re-use from the site water filtration plant.

During 2021, Port Waratah won the Love Business Love Water award at the Hunter Business Chamber Awards night, award sponsored by Hunter Water. Port Waratah has invested heavily on the upgrade to water management systems at the Carrington Terminal with the benefits resulting in significant water savings for the terminal.  Port Waratah is pleased these water saving initiatives are effective and help us play our part in improving the sustainable use of our shared water resources in the Hunter.