We look after one another and work together to achieve our business objectives

Our people’s efforts to continuously improve our culture and performance is driven by our core values of Integrity, Caring, Progress and Excellence. The introduction of a Celebrate Success programme this year, enabled better recognition of people and achievements aligned with our strategy and values.

In 2020, we implemented an Employee Engagement Strategy and Action Plan incorporating a shared responsibility ethos to improvement, working as One Team in key areas of change management, internal communications, performance management, reward and recognition, and tailoring team-specific action plans. Building change management capability was our number one improvement focus. We conducted Leader and Change Facilitator workshops and change plans were developed for key projects to support effective change management. Flexible Workplace Agreements increase in 2020, with 25 employees accessing agreements compared to five in 2019.

Key Achievements

  • Launched the Celebrate Success Programme with more than 200 recognitions and 20 Top Achievers recognised.
  • Introduced a Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) procedure with 25 employees accessing FWAs, five times the number in 2019.




1 5 9 320 6 4 6
3 6 % 34% 12% 10% 8 %
280 40 50% 50%

Case Study

Flexible Working Arrangements

Aligned with our ‘Caring’ value, a Flexible Working Arrangements Procedure was introduced to support employees who are balancing family, carer or other responsibilities with business needs. Pleasingly, 25 employees accessed flexible working arrangements making a positive impact on their work-life balance. This is five times higher than 2019 figures. Two employees share how a flexible working arrangement has helped them:

Marty Corrigan, Superintendent Projects
“I’m now able to work flexible hours, leverage technology and still maintain a leadership presence onsite five days a week, to ensure the needs of my team and the business are met. I’m grateful for this opportunity, I can support my wife’s career, and spend time with my daughter in her younger years. This arrangement originated from conversations with my Leader and was supported by the business. I really enjoy the balance it gives our family.”

Katie Shakespeare, Supply Officer
“Taking on the Work to Live ethos and supported by Port Waratah, I now work flexible hours. Being able to work around school hours, I feel a greater sense of calm and control in managing my personal time, which equates to quality time with my daughter, and to better concentrate and be more productive during my work hours. I’m very appreciative of my flexible working arrangement. It has made a huge difference to my life and that of my family.”