We maintain and invest in infrastructure to improve our offer

Our ability to deliver a high-quality service to our customers while focusing on continuous improvement, demonstrates our experience, reliability and agility. In 2020, we received, blended and loaded 105.9Mt of coal, with 15.5Mt at our Carrington Terminal and 90.4Mt at our Kooragang Terminal. This strong performance marking our ninth year exporting more than 100Mt per year. Our core operating strategy focuses on operating and maintaining our assets in a sustainable manner, which requires and ongoing programme of major maintenance activities and implementation of significant projects.

Key Achievements

  • Achieved a new Total Shiploading Monthly Record in December of 10,974,291 tonnes.
  • Launched the Service Delivery Dashboard to re-focus our team on core customer metrics.

Coal Loaded

1,192 105.9

Case Study

New drone technology

Living our value of Progress, the introduction of drone technology has eliminated the need for our Maintenance Services Team to inspect coal-loading chutes, a job that took several hours and team members. 

Using drones to complete this maintenance task reduces several risks including working in a confined space, falling from heights, and injury from falling hazards such as tiles or debris. The Maintenance Service Team has three drones that can be used to inspect other equipment and infrastructure where access or heights pose a challenge and risk. In addition to being more efficient, we are able to obtain quality images of any equipment requiring repairs and more effectively manage maintenance planning outcomes, incurring less down-time and achieving improved cost efficiencies.

The new technology has also provided new training and development opportunities for employees, with 19 employees undertaking a six-day accredited training course to gain their drone pilot licence.