Our water management is balanced and effective

Port Waratah uses water for operational purposes, such as dust suppression, wash downs, firefighting systems and irrigation. Water management remains one of the key environmental concerns for our local community and we must comply with all water-related conditions specified in our Environment Protection Licences (EPLs), consents and other regulatory licences, while using water sustainably.

Managing water is a careful balance between capturing it for operational uses and allocating storage capacity in anticipation of storm events for compliance with statutory requirements.

The sites water management systems operate by capturing surface water runoff from rain events together with water used for terminal operations and channelling the water into drains and sumps, which feed into a series of ponds and lagoons for settling and clarification prior to recirculation back to the plant for reuse.

The water management systems across both terminals performed very well during 2021 with no water related reportable non-compliances. This is a significant improvement on previous years, a testament to the investment in our water management systems.

Case Study

Carrington Terminal Tank 3 Construction

As part of the significant upgrades to the Carrington Terminal water management system, Port Waratah completed construction of the third stormwater storage tank. The third tank will provide the site with an additional 8ML of stormwater storage capacity, increasing the existing capacity of the Carrington site to a total of 21ML to assist in effectively managing large rainfall events. The tank has a diameter of 31.5m, is 11.5m tall and holds more than three times the volume of an Olympic swimming pool. It will be commissioned and operational in early 2022.

CT Tank_CaseStudy