Health and Safety

Our performance must reflect that we hold the health and safety of people in our business as an overriding value.

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Key Achievements

  • Launched the Live Better, Work Better wellbeing programme, which aims to assist employees with their physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing.
  • Awarded SafeWork NSW’s Excellence Award for our innovative Marine Survey Trolley.

Licence to Operate

Our environmental performance and our engagement with stakeholders will support being granted ongoing and, if required new Licences To Operate.

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Key Achievements

  • Successfully commissioned 13 megalitres of additional stormwater storage capacity at the Carrington Terminal, improving the ability to manage storm events.
  • Storylines, a project reflecting on our Community Partnerships from 2016 to 2018, was launched in February 2019.

Effective Organisation

Our culture encourages and rewards employee alignment and engagement. Our systems support efficient and effective leadership, robust governance and excellence in operational delivery.

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Key Achievements

  • Our 2019 Employee Engagement Survey saw the highest ever participation with 85% of employees taking part.
  • Continued development of the One Team approach with 91% of employees attending Employee Development Days.

Operational Delivery

We deliver the services our customers expect and we care for our assets so that we can do so reliably on an ongoing basis at the lowest sustainable coal handling charge. We have efficient and robust governance and commercial processes.

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Key Achievements

  • 110.6Mt of coal loaded onto 1,226 vessels.
  • The Kooragang Terminal achieved a new annual shiploading record of 95.7Mt and monthly shiploading record in December of 9.2Mt.

Coal Chain

We engage proactively and positively with end users, customers and other service providers in the interest of maximising coal chain performance while securing our commercial model. We understand our development opportunities and are positioned to be able to pursue them when required.

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Key Achievements

  • Two new export destinations added (Sri Lanka and Cambodia), bringing our total to 17.
  • Achieved a new record low vessel turn-around time of 2.6 days.

Our Performance

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Each business driver and theme
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The coloured bucketwheel icons represent our performance against the objectives we set for each business driver. 


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